Thoughts in Atheleisure

Thoughts in Atheleisure

Posing Like A Pro!

Posing Like A Prude

I have No Idea Why I Got Up Here: Or How

Things Shoots Make You Do

Playing With The Crops

They Asked Me To Pose

Me Holding My Collar

How To Hold A Bag


Hello Divas!

Try reading This one as a rap-poetry:

So I experimented with my looks a bit and tried going Kardashian – for once,
And put on a tracksuit just for leisure – they called atheleisure.
And I put on some make-up, a fancy backpack, and yeah some glare – and LO!
I got myself a pre-mature cougar.
Not the cat, but the real, human cougar,
that rhymes with sugar if I think of it.

Kardashians, or Jenners I don’t care I like em both.
They are famous they are strong one big whole family
People may see them differently for what I choose to ignore
For others, all I wish to say is keep up!

I like how pink this track dress is,
and how the zippers go down and up- its a catch
The top I threw in just for fun
My shoes and bag: Oh they so match!

CurvyDivaChic thanks StalkBuyLove
For they have things for leisure
I experimented a lot with my looks on this one
Working with you was truly a Pleasure!

My team Aman, Sourabh and Saba
Who shot my poses and clicked with me,
It was fun to click and share the laughters,
Working with you brings out the best of me!

And yeah for bloopers check out my Insta stories and posts,
Follow my accounts on Insta, FB and Twitter!
I post content each day every day
And for here I promise to share my thoughts as soon as I sway!

I Like my outfit, and how I styled it,
I loved every part of it, yes every bit!
And Now I hope this post goes Viral,
As I hope to be the next #babeofSBL!


Featured in “The Hindu”

Featured in “The Hindu”


Hello Divas!
I am excited to share with you that my interview got featured in the Monday edition of “The Hindu”. Yes, the copy of the print version of 19 Feb 2018 has your Curvy Diva Chic, as herself, Aakanksha Luthra in it!
All this time of writing articles lead to one thing I had never thought would happen: being written about, and that too in the most respected newspapers of this country! I feel honoured, happy, excited and thankful.
I remember calling my father up as soon as I got off the phone with Sunalini Matthew, sharing with him the news, “Dad! I think I am gonna be in The Hindu.” Dad initially thought I am going to write for the newspaper, he congratulated me. Later I explained how I was interviewed today and will be featured soon.
Yesterday, we were descending the stairs and he asked me “So, when is this article going to be out?” I just said “I don’t know, maybe this week, or on Woman’s Day. I will confirm with Sunalini today.” I got excited about the fact that I am going to be featured, that I completely forgot to ask when it is going to be published! I just mailed Sunalini and asking about the publishing date, and she immediately responded with “Today!”.
I was still at the office, she was kind enough to send me the online link and the PDF of the page. It was my celebrity moment and I feel amazing.
Well, none of this would have happened without your support and love. Cheers to you guys!!!
For those who wish to read the online version of this article, may click the link here.

Until Next Time,
A.L. 🙂

Comfort Food ft. Santa’s Elf

Comfort Food ft. Santa’s Elf

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Merry Christmas Udaipur! For those searching for their haven of Comfort Food, there’s a new haven in Udaipur, and I couldn’t wait to share it with you. Giddy up! We have Marky Momos is in town! Finally a place to comfort those comfort food cravings. I am going to share a couple of reasons why I am in love with Marky Momos.



Food: My Favoite Picks


  • Momos: Being a food connoisseur, finding a decent place in Udaipur that actually serves dim-sums in the authentic Bamboo Dim-Sum Steamers, just the way they should be served, is a real struggle. Finally, we have Marky Momos. But this is not This is not it. They have more than 40 varieties of momos to choose from. My personal favourite are Afghani Momos and Tandoori Chicken Momos. #Yum

    They also have something interesting called Momo Burgers, which consists of fried momos in buns, with a tasteful combination of sauces. My brother loved it.



  • Prawns: All the seafood lovers in Udaipur know the struggle of finding prawns on the menu. Marky Momos has some mouth watering prawn preparations to choose from. My personal favorite is Honey Garlic Prawns . #MamaMia



  • Noodles: I am “Hands Down!” a disciple of their Hakka Noodles. The noodles are perfectly cooked, the salt and pepper ratio is perfectly balanced (this is very important for me while choosing my noodle, and I am quite particular about it). #Meow



Take Away and Home Delivery


Yes! Marky Momos delivers to your house! And they have their own app as well! They are amongst a very restaurants which delivers to the far-fetched areas like Badi, Balicha etc. They also have started a “late night service”, under which they cater to your late night cravings between 12:00 a.m and 2:00 a.m. The food packaging is proper, which is a novelty in Udaipur for budget-friendly restaurants. They have branded their packaging containers. I am particularly a fan of their Dimsum Packaging (it is properly sealed and microwave friendly).



Multi Cuisine Menu


Do not get confused by their name. Marky Momos might just be the name, but they serve a lot more than just Momos. They have a well established menus that covers cuisines of the likes of Chinese, Italian and Indianised tastes. There indeed is something for everybody.



Image Credits for all the pictures above go to Marky Momos.




    • Marky Momos have some exciting offers on their Web App, so download their app and save some extra bucks.
    • Also, Check out their Zomato Page for some cool offers. Do not forget to share your reviews and ratings on Zomato. You may also check my reviews about Marky Momos on their page.
    • They have an exciting offer for their dine-in guests as well. Happy hours are from 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.! Get Buy One Get One Free on momos, and flat 30% on the rest of the menu.  


So people! As Santa’s elf, I believe this is the best present I could leave under your Christmas Trees. Jingle Bell Rocks and Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas Everyone!!! 🙂


Until Next Time,




A.L. 🙂



Work in Style: Summer Work Wardrobe Editon (In collaboration with

Work in Style: Summer Work Wardrobe Editon (In collaboration with
CurvyDivaChic For Samshek

There is nothing classier than a well fitted dress, and I am glad to have found an online solution in  that not only gives me a huge variety of well fashioned designs to choose from, but also gives me the liberty to customize my dress according to my needs. Not only this, I even get o choose the material of the dress, from the list of mentioned materials for the available design, which is really, really cool!

Summer is all set and so is the time for loose, subtle clothing that makes it easy to beat the heat yet make you look chic and elegant. Did you know that the level of comfort directly affects the work efficiency?  So we may start with the clothing.  Choosing a comfortable yet elegant work wardrobe in this scorching heat can be a task. As they say, fashion may change, but style remains. A bit of this and that may help you look smart, office ready without compromising with your comfort, yet keep your style. A few things to make sure your work wardrobe are all about comfort, yet chic to make necks turn, wherever you go.

Outfit Details

The Design: I was in love with the corporate collection, where you can find oh-so trendy professional clothes, and get to tweak the design and customize your own dress. Now my curvy diva chic out there know how difficult it can be for us to find our right sizes off the shelf, so it can be really,  really beneficial for you to make your own dress. Like here I have chosen the following details for the dress:

  • Front Puritan Neck
  • Back slit neck
  • Basic 3/4 sleeves
  • Inverted Box pleads on skirt
  • Conceal side zip
  • Relaxed Fit
  • Color: Cool Pink

The material: This summer, make comfort your mantra. Now comfort doesn’t mean you cannot look stylish. Choose an outfit that is made out of summer friendly material, preferably cotton or Crepe that lets your skin breathe. Here I have chosen woven cotton for this dress that is oh-so-soft and oh-so-chic in the color “cool pink”, which lives up to its name. The quality of the material is very light weight, breathable and extremely comfortable. This summer I am all about skirts and dresses for work, and Samshek surely does have a very fine list of smart dresses to pick from.

Styling Tips: There are a couple of ways to style the outfit. I wore this dress to work in the morning and was complimented on the way I looked. I paired it up with a scarf and let my hair loose. I also wore a tan belt and my classic Clark’s Clifton Bridge shoes which happen to be my all time favorite too.

In the evening I was supposed to attend a party. Since I was running late, I went to the party directly. All I did was retouched my make-up (on the go), put on my favorite Voylla Ear Loops, and Voila! I was good to go. I got so many compliments for my look and this is how I turned my work wear to party wear.

Bag: StalkBuyLove
Jewellery: Voylla
Watch: Fossil
Photography: Aman Bhandari and Vaibhav Dadheech

So divas, do try and share your experience with me in the comment box below. Also, if you have any queries about shopping from, do not hesitate to ask. Lastly, do not forget to like, share and subscribe to my blog!


Until Next Time
A.L. 🙂

How to Protect your family Time from Technology: In Collaboration with The Range Cutter By @home

How to Protect your family Time from Technology: In Collaboration with The Range Cutter By @home

Let’s start with an ideal dinner table setup. Mom dad and the two children, having dinner together. Only that there are four more people on the table: The four mobile phones. Dad on his business call, mom checking her Whatsapp, kids on Facebook/Twitter and live stories on Instagram. Maybe a Standup Comedy session on Youtube.  Seems like the disadvantage of being in a modern day setup, doesn’t it? Well, sadly,  this is the truth and you know the result? Lack of communication with the people closely associated with you: Your family!

Well, lucky for us, technology does come with a solution this time. @home brings the power of Signal Jamming with its all new range of The Range Cutter  furniture, a brand new range that is designed especially to bring your close ones closer. It’s super power lies in jamming the mobile signals around a  certain range of the furniture, which means family time means an actual quality family time and Not a four people plus four mobile deal. You may call it a “No mobile signal Hallelujah actually talk to each other haha time!”

Benefits of The Range Cutter:

  • Beautiful, state of the art furniture which is a pleasant sight.
  • Improved family bonding.
  • Quality time
  • A break from the technology opens door to actual life

How Does the Technology work?
The technology involved is a combination of four concepts:

  • Tuning Circuit: To control frequency range
  • Frequency Generator: To jam the signals
  • Voltage Controlled Oscillator: Generates radio signal to interfere with the mobile signals
  • RF Amplification: Boosts the power of radio signals

There is more to it, an inaugural offer by @home: For the first 500 customers, there is a flat 75% off. So do the needful and register first and acquire the benefits of this unique state of the art, stylish, lavish and mindful  range of furniture. Just punch in your name and email and @home will send you the price and shipping details for the purchase.

Also, do check this video out to know more about this technology: (IT’S A PRANK! 😉 )

About @home: @home is a retail division of Nilkamal Limited. Nilkamal Limited is world’s largest manufacturer of moulded furniture, India’s leading manufacturer of Material Handling Systems and has recently launched Mattress manufacturing business.

‘@home’ is spread across the country with 17 large format retail stores with an average size of 16,000 sq.ft. per store. ‘@home’, positioned as a Home styling expert, is a perfect one-stop solution store for home planning, with finest quality furniture, soft furnishings & home accessories to enhance your indoor and outdoor spaces. The designs at ‘@home’ are contemporary yet practical, mirroring Indian taste & requirements.


Do not forget to like, comment on and share this post. Your feedback is really important to me. See you soon. Also, keep an eye on this post. I may have a surprise for you tomorrow.

The Range Cutter By @home


A.L. 🙂



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