Confessions of a Shopaholic-in Collaboration with IGP.COM

Hello Divas! How have you been??? I have missed my lovely ladies so much! I know, I know, it’s been a while that I have posted a look-book, but I promise I won’t disappoint you. So I have been exploring fashion since some time now. Four years to be precise (I was a tomboy before that). The one thing I learned from it is rediscovering myself once I starting believing in myself more. It grew my confidence, outgrew my insecurities and my self esteem is at level Hallelujah! now. Before we proceed further, try look at these pictures with a TLC ad running in the back of your head, with some drumrolls,cuz that’s how we roll it, baby! Yeah!

Look at me everyone, look at me! #MeiMei #KungfuPanda3


Now that you have admired my beauty and style and my clutch, Spot the human mannequin in the picture!

I recently did something that could have been really, really awesome for a friend, but it backfired. Okay do not judge me until I finish my story. Judge me after that… #chuckles So it was my friend’s birthday. I was searching for something to fit her taste- sophisticated, charming and elegant, yet sassy, wild and poised- Just like her. I kept looking and looking. I was on a budget at that time, so I had to work hard on finding something that would fit her taste and my pocket too. I learned about igp through a friend, and I decided to explore it. I was amazed at the choice of gift hampers they have to offer, and at every budget possible. They have categorically organized the gifts so systematically that the Monica Geller in me was yelling at the top of her voice (in her heart… out of joy of course!). They have gifts organized on the basis of age group, occasion, gender, personality, likes… you name it. There was a whole different section for kids. The personalized section touched me the most as their options of personalized diaries and pens, and not just any generic diaries, but truly artistic and sophisticated collection of tasteful colors and great quality of papers to choose from. They even have next day delivery options for those 12’o’clock cakes and flowers, so that those far yet so close can now know for sure how much I love them.  I find this great because you get to have everything under one roof, and a few clicks away. I chose the one from the festive section, with a sexy discount. I was lost in the sea of options they have when I found this beautiful, beautiful mosaic work studded clutch I immediately fell in love with. I knew one thing that she would fall in love with it for sure. Checking out was a cake walk. They have option for a personalized message. There is an additional hard box gift packing option available at a very reasonable price.  They promised a delivery in three-four days in my location. Everything was perfect. But I still had my doubts, since I was ordering from IGP from the first time. So instead of delivering the clutch at her place as a surprise, as I had planned, I decided to get it delivered at my place, and that’s where the issue began. I received the package exactly 3 days after ordering it. The package was so perfect I didn’t want to open it.  But I did anyway, for I wanted to see what I got. I found broad bubble wraps.  Wrapped in it was this beautiful, beautiful metallic clutch, it was love at first sight. Holding it gave me goose bumps. It was colourful, just the right combination of basic colors, neither too loud, nor too dull. The body is metallic, with mosaic embedded, each piece individually. This piece is so elegant, that I did something I shouldn’t have done- I gave in to my greed, and kept it for myself!

metallic clutch available at igp.com
My heart skipped a beat.


Turquoise, red, Yellow, metal, green, blue… The perfect blend.


Look at me in the eye and tell me you don’t want this beauty!

Okay I did a bad thing, I shouldn’t have! “Okay, I promise I will get her another present, but can I please keep it?” I kept asking myself. I am allowing myself one more indulgence, but that’s it! But have a look at this baby and tell me, Can you blame me? If your answer is yes, I may need help. I have already thought about my opening speech.“Hi! My name is Aakanksha Luthra, and I am a Shopaholic.” #AnObsessedShopaholic #ConfessionsOfAShopaholic My only advice to you is that if you are a shopaholic like me, and are choosing a present for your loved ones, just send it directly to their address, the indulgence is real. You might end up keeping it. Do shop from IGP and share your experience in the comment box below.

Being a Shopaholic Pays off!

Clutch: IGP
Top: 109f
Cape: Vinegar
Denim: Levis
Shoes: universesoulcouture
Earrings: Voylla
Photographer: Vaibhav Dadheech
Editing Credits: Aman Bhandari
Styling: CurvyDivaChic
Location Courtesy: Brewmen

A.L. 🙂

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