Maleficent in Me

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I love fairy tales. I have grown up hearing about those fantasy worlds, the beautiful, beautiful girls, who weren’t even aware how amazing they are, who stood by what they believed in. They came from  humble backgrounds and proved that money or birth has nothing to do with being a true princess. Cinderella was humble, Bella was wise and curious, Moana was an explorer, Pocahontas was a born leader. But the most iconic character who laid a huge impact on my mind, was Maleficent. I am not sure whether it was Angeline Jolie’s perfection as an actress and a role model, or the character’s depth, or the direction of the movie, or the combination of all, but I could see myself as a Maleficent. And that’s why I decided to keep it as the theme of my this photoshoot.

Mystique as it could be, I adore Maleficent.


Before I could ever know, I was Maleficent.
Love the off shoulder details and the cape.
The choker was a hand made present by a beloved friend. what do you think?
I love the fact that my watch matches with my outfit, like it was meant to be.
Thus I walk down the aisle, as I was supposed to do.
This is me, thanking Afamado, for the lovely design.

I saw this piece at Afamado and it was a love at first sight. I wanted one when I saw the Rebel Wilson in one of the award function shoots on google and I fell in love with this piece. (Needless to say, for plus size fashion, Adele and Rebel Wilson are my go to celebrity inspirations.) The quality speaks for itself, and the best part is that long cape with off shoulder details. It was oh so beautiful I couldn’t ask for more.

The design of this dress is bold, something you will need a lot of confidence and sass to carry, but if you are thinking “who the hell she thinks she is”, well, I’d say “someone who wanted you to ask the exact same question”. The best part about this outfit? Well, the cape! it shows off your curves yet hides the problem areas at the same time. The shoot was pretty interesting, and the pictures are right in front of you. So if you are looking for something to flaunt your curves to perfection, do check Afamado and sass that body!

Until Next Time,
A.L. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Maleficent in Me”

  1. Not because I know you, neither out of merely being nice to you, whatever I am about to say has no other base but purely the fact that you have made that impression on my mind.
    The first time I laid my eyes on the picture my mind said wow. . And when I read the entire thing, oh, you had me there. Your words don’t drag, they aren’t just some beautiful poetic lines written merely to impress. What you write has soul in it. Trust me Luthra, I would have equally loved your blog had I not known you also. But because I do know you, I am in love with you. You are magnificent as Maleficent. Keep going.

    1. Dear Nitya,

      You have always been more than kind to me. Words like these matter to me in ways I cannot even describe, but the effect is reflected in my further work. Overtime you appreciate my work, you become a part of the success journey of that article, and of my future work.

      Thank you so much. Keep motivating, and shine bright as you always have!!!

      Aakanksha 🙂

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