RSVP Ready: That Diva In Black!

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Hello Divas!

New Year’s Eve 2017- the most awaited event of the year is around the corner and like always, I bring exciting news! Ladies! Brace yourself because Afamado has come up with an awesome All Black RSVP Ready Collection for your themed party. New year is around the corner and this is probably the right time to choose your New Year’s outfit. Use their “Made to Measure” feature and Afamado will make sure that the outfit fits like a glove.

I am wearing the V-Neck Cold Shoulder gown and might I just flaunt that I feel really plush in this beautiful gown? The cold shoulder details with an extra ruffle layer not only looks beautiful, but also adds to the comfort. Above that, the material is of high quality and is wrinkle free, so you do not have to worry about any last minute ironing hassles and enjoy your evening. Plus the dress feels the right weight so it flares just perfect, and doesn’t feel heavy at all. So the dancer in me is oh-so-happy because this is a no brainer, effortless look to pull off. Minimal and chic is how I kept it. One thing I loved about the fashion of 2017 is, the only rule is that there are no rules!

So my resolution for 2018 is what I have learned from this wonderful 2017. The only rule is that there are no rules! So let’s dress our best, pop the bubbly, clench the glasses and Slanche!  Bid adieu to this wonderful year you had and let’s begin a new one with more celebrations!

Until Next Time,
A.L. 🙂




2 thoughts on “RSVP Ready: That Diva In Black!”

    1. Dear Shireen Moti,

      Thank you for taking your precious time out to have a look at my blog and comment on it. However, I have three things to say:

      1. English is a wonderful language. There is a thing called “punctuation mark” that decorates your emotions in words. What you wrote makes no sense. It should be “You fatso! Why do you overrate yourself? I dislike you completely!” Hope this helps.
      2. For someone with the last name “Moti”, I don’t think you are in a position to fat shame anyone. The joke will always be on you, and I never miss a chance to have the “last laugh”. That’s my “beauty secret”.
      3. I was not born to please you honey! You are free to feel whatever you want. (Again, see how I used “!” and not “.”? These are called “punctuation marks”. These little things not only beautify your sentences, they are actually necessary).

      Keep visiting for more,

      A.L. 🙂

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