How to Dress Up for Business Meetings?

How to Dress Up for Business Meetings?

Hello Divas!
How are my favourite ladies doing?
So a lot of You have ask me quick tips on how to dress up on business meetings and other formal work events, where you can look chic, get effortless and business ready at the same time. So I am here to talk about it.

I recently had to attend this event which was super formal. I was on a clock that day,  it was a very busy day and I wanted to look my best because there was a very important business meeting just after that and since I was running short on time, on occasions like these, I usually prefer to wear something I don’t have to put in a lot of effort mixing and matching. So a formal maxi dress was my first preference. I narrowed down to this gorgeous cotton gown I got designed from Samshek. Not only it was super comfortable it was chic light and very, very easy to carry. It was a hot day and that’s when the material that was cotton came in very handy. The design is very simple and that somehow made the entire look very polished and that’s what I loved about this business formal maxi dress.

Samshek gives you the freedom to actually tweak the basic design on the website as per your needs. So if you are someone like me who doesn’t like to wear stuff off the rack, this is actually a very good opportunity for you to tweak the basic design on the website, choose from the many, many things you can change in your outfit and make a whole new one. I was surprised to see how simple changes like sleeve length, length of the dress, shape of the neck and back etc can transfer the entire dress. You may check this blog post for a whole new look to this very design. Not just this, Samshek gives you the liberty to choose from their list of materials too. #Wow

I chose this design as such, with a minor increase in length. I loved the subtle grey, hence I kept the details as such in the website. The dress comes with a side zipper to give your curves a better shape  I take the dress with the Turquoise blazer I got from stalkbuylove started off very sophisticated touch to my entire outfit. The shoes I chose word basic Clark’s stilletos (Clifton Bridge) they have never failed me.


No talking about the meeting it went well it was a sunny day like I said but since I chose since I choose the right fabric to wear it helped me focus on my work endless on the discomfort of the day. Also I kept the jewellery minimal it was this Emerald set my father got from me from USA. The lipstick I am wearing is from Maybelline,  the eyeliner is NYX, the mascara is again Maybelline, the blush is from the Body Shop.

When you are dressed right, you develop a sense of confidence in you that adds to your work without you realising it. I read it somewhere “nobody really has confidence this is all a game of projecting it at the right time and at the right place”. A lot of people ask me how I keep up my confidence I believe I just answered your question. And of course I like to dress well.

Photography for this blog was done by Ravish Nagori. The editing was done by me.

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Maleficent in Me

Maleficent in Me

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I love fairy tales. I have grown up hearing about those fantasy worlds, the beautiful, beautiful girls, who weren’t even aware how amazing they are, who stood by what they believed in. They came from  humble backgrounds and proved that money or birth has nothing to do with being a true princess. Cinderella was humble, Bella was wise and curious, Moana was an explorer, Pocahontas was a born leader. But the most iconic character who laid a huge impact on my mind, was Maleficent. I am not sure whether it was Angeline Jolie’s perfection as an actress and a role model, or the character’s depth, or the direction of the movie, or the combination of all, but I could see myself as a Maleficent. And that’s why I decided to keep it as the theme of my this photoshoot.

Mystique as it could be, I adore Maleficent.


Before I could ever know, I was Maleficent.
Love the off shoulder details and the cape.
The choker was a hand made present by a beloved friend. what do you think?
I love the fact that my watch matches with my outfit, like it was meant to be.
Thus I walk down the aisle, as I was supposed to do.
This is me, thanking Afamado, for the lovely design.

I saw this piece at Afamado and it was a love at first sight. I wanted one when I saw the Rebel Wilson in one of the award function shoots on google and I fell in love with this piece. (Needless to say, for plus size fashion, Adele and Rebel Wilson are my go to celebrity inspirations.) The quality speaks for itself, and the best part is that long cape with off shoulder details. It was oh so beautiful I couldn’t ask for more.

The design of this dress is bold, something you will need a lot of confidence and sass to carry, but if you are thinking “who the hell she thinks she is”, well, I’d say “someone who wanted you to ask the exact same question”. The best part about this outfit? Well, the cape! it shows off your curves yet hides the problem areas at the same time. The shoot was pretty interesting, and the pictures are right in front of you. So if you are looking for something to flaunt your curves to perfection, do check Afamado and sass that body!

Until Next Time,
A.L. 🙂

Work in Style: Summer Work Wardrobe Editon (In collaboration with

Work in Style: Summer Work Wardrobe Editon (In collaboration with
CurvyDivaChic For Samshek

There is nothing classier than a well fitted dress, and I am glad to have found an online solution in  that not only gives me a huge variety of well fashioned designs to choose from, but also gives me the liberty to customize my dress according to my needs. Not only this, I even get o choose the material of the dress, from the list of mentioned materials for the available design, which is really, really cool!

Summer is all set and so is the time for loose, subtle clothing that makes it easy to beat the heat yet make you look chic and elegant. Did you know that the level of comfort directly affects the work efficiency?  So we may start with the clothing.  Choosing a comfortable yet elegant work wardrobe in this scorching heat can be a task. As they say, fashion may change, but style remains. A bit of this and that may help you look smart, office ready without compromising with your comfort, yet keep your style. A few things to make sure your work wardrobe are all about comfort, yet chic to make necks turn, wherever you go.

Outfit Details

The Design: I was in love with the corporate collection, where you can find oh-so trendy professional clothes, and get to tweak the design and customize your own dress. Now my curvy diva chic out there know how difficult it can be for us to find our right sizes off the shelf, so it can be really,  really beneficial for you to make your own dress. Like here I have chosen the following details for the dress:

  • Front Puritan Neck
  • Back slit neck
  • Basic 3/4 sleeves
  • Inverted Box pleads on skirt
  • Conceal side zip
  • Relaxed Fit
  • Color: Cool Pink

The material: This summer, make comfort your mantra. Now comfort doesn’t mean you cannot look stylish. Choose an outfit that is made out of summer friendly material, preferably cotton or Crepe that lets your skin breathe. Here I have chosen woven cotton for this dress that is oh-so-soft and oh-so-chic in the color “cool pink”, which lives up to its name. The quality of the material is very light weight, breathable and extremely comfortable. This summer I am all about skirts and dresses for work, and Samshek surely does have a very fine list of smart dresses to pick from.

Styling Tips: There are a couple of ways to style the outfit. I wore this dress to work in the morning and was complimented on the way I looked. I paired it up with a scarf and let my hair loose. I also wore a tan belt and my classic Clark’s Clifton Bridge shoes which happen to be my all time favorite too.

In the evening I was supposed to attend a party. Since I was running late, I went to the party directly. All I did was retouched my make-up (on the go), put on my favorite Voylla Ear Loops, and Voila! I was good to go. I got so many compliments for my look and this is how I turned my work wear to party wear.

Bag: StalkBuyLove
Jewellery: Voylla
Watch: Fossil
Photography: Aman Bhandari and Vaibhav Dadheech

So divas, do try and share your experience with me in the comment box below. Also, if you have any queries about shopping from, do not hesitate to ask. Lastly, do not forget to like, share and subscribe to my blog!


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Confessions of a Shopaholic-in Collaboration with IGP.COM

Confessions of a Shopaholic-in Collaboration with IGP.COM

Hello Divas! How have you been??? I have missed my lovely ladies so much! I know, I know, it’s been a while that I have posted a look-book, but I promise I won’t disappoint you. So I have been exploring fashion since some time now. Four years to be precise (I was a tomboy before that). The one thing I learned from it is rediscovering myself once I starting believing in myself more. It grew my confidence, outgrew my insecurities and my self esteem is at level Hallelujah! now. Before we proceed further, try look at these pictures with a TLC ad running in the back of your head, with some drumrolls,cuz that’s how we roll it, baby! Yeah!

Look at me everyone, look at me! #MeiMei #KungfuPanda3


Now that you have admired my beauty and style and my clutch, Spot the human mannequin in the picture!

I recently did something that could have been really, really awesome for a friend, but it backfired. Okay do not judge me until I finish my story. Judge me after that… #chuckles So it was my friend’s birthday. I was searching for something to fit her taste- sophisticated, charming and elegant, yet sassy, wild and poised- Just like her. I kept looking and looking. I was on a budget at that time, so I had to work hard on finding something that would fit her taste and my pocket too. I learned about igp through a friend, and I decided to explore it. I was amazed at the choice of gift hampers they have to offer, and at every budget possible. They have categorically organized the gifts so systematically that the Monica Geller in me was yelling at the top of her voice (in her heart… out of joy of course!). They have gifts organized on the basis of age group, occasion, gender, personality, likes… you name it. There was a whole different section for kids. The personalized section touched me the most as their options of personalized diaries and pens, and not just any generic diaries, but truly artistic and sophisticated collection of tasteful colors and great quality of papers to choose from. They even have next day delivery options for those 12’o’clock cakes and flowers, so that those far yet so close can now know for sure how much I love them.  I find this great because you get to have everything under one roof, and a few clicks away. I chose the one from the festive section, with a sexy discount. I was lost in the sea of options they have when I found this beautiful, beautiful mosaic work studded clutch I immediately fell in love with. I knew one thing that she would fall in love with it for sure. Checking out was a cake walk. They have option for a personalized message. There is an additional hard box gift packing option available at a very reasonable price.  They promised a delivery in three-four days in my location. Everything was perfect. But I still had my doubts, since I was ordering from IGP from the first time. So instead of delivering the clutch at her place as a surprise, as I had planned, I decided to get it delivered at my place, and that’s where the issue began. I received the package exactly 3 days after ordering it. The package was so perfect I didn’t want to open it.  But I did anyway, for I wanted to see what I got. I found broad bubble wraps.  Wrapped in it was this beautiful, beautiful metallic clutch, it was love at first sight. Holding it gave me goose bumps. It was colourful, just the right combination of basic colors, neither too loud, nor too dull. The body is metallic, with mosaic embedded, each piece individually. This piece is so elegant, that I did something I shouldn’t have done- I gave in to my greed, and kept it for myself!

metallic clutch available at
My heart skipped a beat.


Turquoise, red, Yellow, metal, green, blue… The perfect blend.


Look at me in the eye and tell me you don’t want this beauty!

Okay I did a bad thing, I shouldn’t have! “Okay, I promise I will get her another present, but can I please keep it?” I kept asking myself. I am allowing myself one more indulgence, but that’s it! But have a look at this baby and tell me, Can you blame me? If your answer is yes, I may need help. I have already thought about my opening speech.“Hi! My name is Aakanksha Luthra, and I am a Shopaholic.” #AnObsessedShopaholic #ConfessionsOfAShopaholic My only advice to you is that if you are a shopaholic like me, and are choosing a present for your loved ones, just send it directly to their address, the indulgence is real. You might end up keeping it. Do shop from IGP and share your experience in the comment box below.

Being a Shopaholic Pays off!

Clutch: IGP
Top: 109f
Cape: Vinegar
Denim: Levis
Shoes: universesoulcouture
Earrings: Voylla
Photographer: Vaibhav Dadheech
Editing Credits: Aman Bhandari
Styling: CurvyDivaChic
Location Courtesy: Brewmen

A.L. 🙂

How to Protect your family Time from Technology: In Collaboration with The Range Cutter By @home

How to Protect your family Time from Technology: In Collaboration with The Range Cutter By @home

Let’s start with an ideal dinner table setup. Mom dad and the two children, having dinner together. Only that there are four more people on the table: The four mobile phones. Dad on his business call, mom checking her Whatsapp, kids on Facebook/Twitter and live stories on Instagram. Maybe a Standup Comedy session on Youtube.  Seems like the disadvantage of being in a modern day setup, doesn’t it? Well, sadly,  this is the truth and you know the result? Lack of communication with the people closely associated with you: Your family!

Well, lucky for us, technology does come with a solution this time. @home brings the power of Signal Jamming with its all new range of The Range Cutter  furniture, a brand new range that is designed especially to bring your close ones closer. It’s super power lies in jamming the mobile signals around a  certain range of the furniture, which means family time means an actual quality family time and Not a four people plus four mobile deal. You may call it a “No mobile signal Hallelujah actually talk to each other haha time!”

Benefits of The Range Cutter:

  • Beautiful, state of the art furniture which is a pleasant sight.
  • Improved family bonding.
  • Quality time
  • A break from the technology opens door to actual life

How Does the Technology work?
The technology involved is a combination of four concepts:

  • Tuning Circuit: To control frequency range
  • Frequency Generator: To jam the signals
  • Voltage Controlled Oscillator: Generates radio signal to interfere with the mobile signals
  • RF Amplification: Boosts the power of radio signals

There is more to it, an inaugural offer by @home: For the first 500 customers, there is a flat 75% off. So do the needful and register first and acquire the benefits of this unique state of the art, stylish, lavish and mindful  range of furniture. Just punch in your name and email and @home will send you the price and shipping details for the purchase.

Also, do check this video out to know more about this technology: (IT’S A PRANK! 😉 )

About @home: @home is a retail division of Nilkamal Limited. Nilkamal Limited is world’s largest manufacturer of moulded furniture, India’s leading manufacturer of Material Handling Systems and has recently launched Mattress manufacturing business.

‘@home’ is spread across the country with 17 large format retail stores with an average size of 16,000 sq.ft. per store. ‘@home’, positioned as a Home styling expert, is a perfect one-stop solution store for home planning, with finest quality furniture, soft furnishings & home accessories to enhance your indoor and outdoor spaces. The designs at ‘@home’ are contemporary yet practical, mirroring Indian taste & requirements.


Do not forget to like, comment on and share this post. Your feedback is really important to me. See you soon. Also, keep an eye on this post. I may have a surprise for you tomorrow.

The Range Cutter By @home


A.L. 🙂



Pavas Group Launches “Kashana” in Jaipur

Pavas Group Launches “Kashana” in Jaipur

Hello Divas!

Recently I was invited to cover the event for the launch of Pavas Group’s store launch of their Label “Kashana” in Jaipur. The launch was held on 25th January 2017 (yesterday that is) at JDA shopping complex, Amrapali circle, Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur. I cannot wait to tell you all about it.

As I reached the store, I was so in love with the subtle decorations. It was an Oh-So-Amazing moment. So this is how the store looked like, as we entered it.


The apparel screams quality and the designs will make you shop till you drop. The store has a very subtle combination of clothing at really reasonable prices. The sizes vary from Size S to XXL, so there is something in store for everyone.

The collection has shades different shades of Indian, Chic, Boho, Casual, Western and Chic, so indeed when I say there is something for everyone, I know I am right. The quality of the products is high end (I believe I already said that), and the prices are really really reasonable (So they are pocket friendly too).


The store has three different rows to it, and each row has a different taste to offer. To the left you will find Kurtas, Dresses, and Maxi Dresses. The central row has the “chic” genre- bomber jackets, lace tops, crochet work and so on. The right row has boho, casuals, and every day wear. I know I have mentioned this before, but I am doing it again, the quality of the products is really really great.



Though I had vowed to NOT buy anything, because let’s face it, I shop like a dog unleashed, but I did anyway, and I have NO regrets. And to tell you a secret, my best friend’s getting married, and I couldn’t find anything for her cocktail night, but now I have one. So Yayyyy!



I also happened to meet Kashana, the brand’s namesake. This twelve year old beauty is the perfect mix of charm and elegance. 


So the next time you are in Jaipur, do visit “Kashana” and shop you events, emotions out. There is something for everyone in here, and I am glad I found my something at the first sight. Yes, the red dress has been spoken for. And for those in Udaipur who wish to buy this dress, please contact me for I can get it arranged for you to buy it.



Store Details: “Kashana” by Pavas Group
S.No.18, JDA Shopping Complex,
Amrapali Circle, Vaishali Nagar,
Jaipur- 302021

Outfit Details:
Jacket: StalkBuyLove
Top: 109F
Skirt: A Handicraft Fair
Shoes: Payless

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Love ya!
Until Next time,

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The Power OF Being YOU

The Power OF Being YOU

Hello Divas,

Today I am going to talk about something very important. So read it carefully. To brief you up, this post is about encouraging people to be themselves, a journey to self-finding. And my journey path involves fashion, so that too.

Right from our childhood, we have been compared to something or the other. Sometimes it’s about who scores better in class, or who is better at sports and so on and so forth. Everything is scaled. And there was someone always better than you, and this someone mostly was that mean kid in the neighbourhood whom you hated to the bone. But does that make you any less? NO!

You grow up into the person you are today. You are nice, kind and everyone loves you. Well, not everyone. You are not the convenient choice. Why? Because you don’t look a certain way the so called “society” wants you to look. The question is, who the hell is this society? The bunch of people who are so empty on the inside they can’t control their own shit, but expect everything and everyone around them to be “perfect”. But does that keep you from being your best self? NO!

They say “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”. Well, the idea of beauty has changed it is definition over the years. Sometimes it is stick thin. Sometimes it is fuller. Sometimes it is athletic. But mostly, it is something you don’t have.  Let’s talk about UGLY now. It could be the fat around your tummy or maybe all over your body. It could be the acne on your face. It could be a mark from an accident. But does that make you any less beautiful? Effing NO!

The difficulty with being nice is that you are expected to be good at everything and with everything. Why? Because the same shithead society doesn’t understand is that there is a limit to everything. Even to being nice. Because to them, that harmless joke on our bodies, our appearance, our clothes, wasn’t JUST a harmless comment. It meant something. (It took me 24 years to be comfortable in my skin, because I was being nice to the people around me. Nice means not replying back when they bluntly shamed me for what I am.)  I wonder how many more of me might be out there, listening to the tantrums, every day, with no escape to that body shaming. But did that actually shame us? NO. What it did was make us wise enough to laugh at them, for we are beautiful the way we are, thick or thin. But you, Yes YOU dear society, show how ugly you can be. And do we give a damn to you? HELL NO!

Independence: Well, the mind is still without fear, per se. Feisty is now trending (And Always Will Be). So be the feisty you. Say NO to what you don’t like. Walk off it. You do not owe anyone any explanation. You deserve the best. You just deserve it. Say YES to what you wish to do. Be YOU. Because at the end of the day, you are your own saviour, your own hero, your own self. AND NOBODY, NO EFFING BODY CAN TAKE THAT AWAY FROM YOU. SO OWN IT. OWN IT LIKE YOU HAVEN’T KNOWN OWNING ANYTHING ELSE.

It doesn’t take a billion efforts to be yourself, it just takes one!


Well I love the candidness of this picture, and the bag too! *wink wink*
A bit more of the bag love…
The crochet jacket by UniverseSoulCouture. Isn’t it a vision?
Flaunt mode. #Ladida
Because… Well… What’s life without laughter!!!
I was asked to give a “Look for the keys” pose 😉
And some more… BTW, I am in love with this Georgette Dress by LastInch
Let’s call it “Found the keys but too lazy to pick them up” pose 😉




Outfit Details:
Jacket and FlipFlops: Universe Soul Couture
Shoes: Payless
Bag: StalkBuyLove
Glares: Local Market
Photographer: Saransh Luthra (He is Just 16 BTW)

About LastInch: So ladies, If you are looking for plus size clothes, and I mean the real clothes, and not just those stupid A-Liners in the name of Fashionable outfits there are, Do visit their online outlet and treat yourselves with the amazing collection they have. You won’t be disappointed. The quality is amazing, the delivery is amazingly quick, and the designs are oh-so-beautiful. Do explore this plus size fashion haven and do let me know in the comment box below.

Rise and Shine… Until Next Time…

A.L. 🙂



The Wedding Bling- Keep It Minimal

The Wedding Bling- Keep It Minimal

They say the longest sentence you can form with two words is “I Do”. After all those festive lights and Diwali and new dresses, finally hails the much awaited season of the year, the season of exchanging vows, and I Do’s and the Saat Feras and crying and vidaayees and well, beautiful… beautiful bride… and her fleet of bridesmaids… Yes the time of the year has arrived, when its all about showing off the flou couture and those delicate fabrics and jewels. Ladies! Buckle up for the ultimate Indian Wedding season is ON!

Dreams Sky High! 🙂


Hello Divas! How have my lovely ladies been? Well November has been quite a month for me, and before I could realize, it was December already! Well well well… I was supposed to be attending a hideous number of wedding ceremonies, but a girl’s gonna eat. And when writing buys you your food ticket, you better start it right away. So here I am sharing with you my experience with the some high heeled, floor length outfits that might blow your mind away.

When I said red is my colour, I wasn’t eactly lying! 🙂



I feel like a princess wearing this!



This may be my “Lady By The Lake Moment” (There’s a lake behind those green leaves.)



The smile says it all! 🙂



My favorite part of the shoot, Twirling! 🙂


Some intense pose…



My Photographer’s Favorite Picture 🙂


Dress: Custom Made (Might contact me if you wish to purchase)
Jacket: Care of StalkBuyLove‘s
PomPom Kohlapuris: Local Business
Jewelry: Local Market
PhotoGrapher: Aman Bhandari

So my best friend is getting married in January(Yaayyyy), and I started my dress hunting approximately four months ago. I had ordered this gorgeous golden jacket a couple of days before this, hadn’t planned on how I will be using it. All good things take good time, and I took nearly three months to finalize one of the dresses (the rest two are yet to be searched) but I have found one, and I am hopeful the next one will be found very soon.
I was fiddling with the local markets one day, and as I laid my eyes on this golden yellow skirt, that was the point when I saw what I wanted. I wasn’t right there, but I could picture in my head how things might be if we tweaked it. I went straight into the shop, and learned we may work with what I want. And the result? was this gorgeous gorgeous skirt/Lehnga/dress. Now I was confused about using Golden or silver, but the result was so I was able to pull off both in the final look.

I kind of loved it. But I am very excited to learn about your reactions. This isn’t exactly my whole idea, but yeah a bit of tweaking was done to the basic design and voila! I had myself an all new dress.

As you may see, its majorly red (my favorite color), it has hints of golden, then we have a thick amount of silver too (but not too much) and offcourse my StalkBuyLove golden jacket (which I got on discount by-the-way, so Yayyy!). Here I have paired it up with pom pom kohlapuris, but they may always be paired with your favorite heels. I chose flats because:
1. I am really tall myself
2. The dress is already a bit heavy
3. I really, really loved the pompom kohlapuris! <3

I bring some news too! If you wish to get this dress, get in touch with me on my email So how did you like this look? Do share it in the comment box below. Do not forget to like, share and subscribe to this blog. Let’s spread more and more love!

A.L. 🙂

The HiFi-ves: Five Jumpsuits To Kill For This Winter Season

The HiFi-ves: Five Jumpsuits To Kill For This Winter Season

Hello Divas!

How have my lovely ladies been? I am so sorry I haven’t posted anything in a while, but I promise for making it up to you. So a quick catch-up before I proceed with the blog. I had an amazing Diwali. It was quiet, eco-friendly, and serene affair. No pollution. My baby Shit-Zu, Snoopy agrees with me. Hope you had a great Diwali too. I recently attended a few wedding events, the pictures of which I have uploaded on my Instagram. So do check them out and comment how did you find them! 🙂

With the winter season just in, so is the season to show the best of what the winter fashion has to offer. I feel so lucky to be Indian, for one of the many reasons is the different seasons to enjoy. For different seasons mean different set of wardrobes to flaunt, and I am loving what winter have to offer to me this year.

Well I have some personal favorite jumpsuits I would definitely recommend this season, and here are the outfits I personally loved at StalkBuyLove.

5. Centaur Jumpsuit: Well this one reminds me of Halle Berry in Catwoman, the sexy, sassy woman she is. If you are looking for something that is a less skin revealing, but flaunts the wild you at the same time, this is the outfit for you! 🙂

centaur-jumpsuit-in1550mtojumbla-134-option centaur-jumpsuit-in1550mtojumbla-134-ghost

4. Hestons Jumpsuit: I seem to have developed a thing for Olive colour this season, well the colour can seriously make you look really hot if dressed right. And this dress screams fashion you cannot say no to it. The best part is the smocking at the back which makes this jumpsuit really easy breezy to carry. Just throw in a blazer and you are ready to rule the world lady boss, with world under her sexy stilettos. 🙂

hestons-jumpsuit-in1636mtojumoli-102-side2 hestons-jumpsuit-in1636mtojumoli-102-back


3. Rea Jumpsuit: This one’s a sure bad-ass. Black blazer, black stilettos and voila! You have yourself a diva! Sweet surprise, it has pockets! 🙂

rea-jumpsuit-in1643mtojumbla-576-side1 rea-jumpsuit-in1643mtojumbla-576-front


2. Knox Jumpsuit: This one’s for the rebel in you and the fitness freak too. All the Kylie Jenner fans out there… This one’s for you. Just pair it up with white Zara Sneakers and you are good to go! 🙂




1. Severin Maxi Playsuit: I am a Maxi lover, and I love playsuits too. Mostly because playsuits are way more easy to carry than a short dress, and gives you the look of a dress too. So this one’s surely a winner, its a blend of a maxi dress and a playsuit, gives off the feel of a long side slit, and effortlessly easy to carry. This one sure is a winner.

severin-maxi-playsuit-in1626mtojumbla-170-option severin-maxi-playsuit-in1626mtojumbla-170-side2


So which Jumpsuit did you like the most? BTW, you should totally check out StalkBuyLove‘s latest winter collection. Do tell me in the comment box below. And do not forget to subscribe to my blog. Like share and keep spreading the love. 🙂

Until Next Time,

Aakanksha Luthra 🙂


Dusty Shades of Rose

Dusty Shades of Rose

Hello Divas!
Hope my Ladies are doing great! With the Fall just in, the season calls for subtle and sophisticated blend of shades. What I fell in love with the most were the dusty shades of rose. I have had a thing for roses since I was a kid, and I remember we had a lawn full of the rose plants, with different shades. There was red, pink, and my favorite was the magenta and a bit dusty rose. Writing about it right now brings that breeze into my nostrils.
Anyway, I was amazed to find some real catches while scrolling through StalkBuyLove, and here are some of my favourite picks from the web-store.
1. HOUSTEN MAXI SKIRT: This one was a love at first sight. I love the colour, I adore the fall, this one’s a 10/10. The best part about it is that it’s a high-rise waist, so it is ideal to hide your problem areas. Pair it up with a frilled crop top and some sexy black stilettos and you own the party!

Houston Maxi Skirt by StalkBuyLove
Houston Maxi Skirt: Styling Ideas

2. ROSE TIER TOP: I am in love with the design. From cold shoulder to the frilly details to the lacy ends, the rose tier top has everything that lakes it an ideal catch. This one without doubt is the whole package. Pair it up with a high rise pencil skirt and flaunt yourself!

Rose Tier Top Styling Ideas
Love the Details

3. ROSE THINLES TOP: Why go with the colour when you can have roses printed on your dress? The print on this crop top so reminded me of Adele’s Dolce Gabanna Dress in the video of “Send My Love” from her recently released album 25. The colour is subtle, the material is soft and breezy and it’s perfect for the any occasion when paired right.

Effortlessly Chic
Rose Thinles Top: Pretty Please Me

4. FLAMINI CULOTTES: If you are into experimenting with fashion and are looking for something edgy, Flamini Culottes. Shaped like a peeping bud, flaunt those legs in these dusty rose pants and steal the show. Pair it up with your best stilettos and a subtle colour of top, and be the heart throb you are!

Pair with Subtle shades
Love the Peeping Bud Details

5. ROSE MYKONOS JUMPSUIT: The one reason I adore the concept of jumpsuits the most is that it saves the efforts of “pairing the stuff”. And if the jumpsuit is something as sexy as this one, it’s a bingo! For those high end business meets and dress to impress events, this is one effortlessly trendy piece and a must have for your wardrobe.

Rose Mykonos Jumpsuit
Why Pair When You have Jumpsuits!



Image courtesy: StalkBuyLove

The past blog post was quite an experience for me. I am overwhelmed with the response I received from you lovely ladies. This encourages me to work harder. So thank you so much for being the darlings you all are and taking your time out and reading my blog posts.
The pre-fall was all about off shoulders and cold shoulders, and I was happy to discover how charming they look on any and every body type, especially mine 🙂 So if you are full figured and wand want to add jazz to your looks, try cold shoulders, you might amaze yourselves too! 🙂
Off shoulders are still in, and one of my friends who visited Singapore recently shared what a rage they were there. Well that kind of overwhelms my newly found love and respect for off shoulders. The one thing I have learned from the past shoot is that you can really, really surprise yourself in the most unexpected circumstances.
So ladies, go experiment with stuff you always wanted to do. Try that outfit you feel reluctant about, maybe you discover something amazing. And do share your experiences in the comment box below.
Like share and comment on this post. Your feedback helps me write better for you all. So do share your experience with this blog. Until next time!

A.L. 🙂

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