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The Right Shade Of Red

There is a red made for every woman, and a woman who knows her red, shouldn’t be messed with. If I were a color, I know I’d be red. I am a Ruby Woo on my lips, Merlot for my hair, crimson on my feet and I know for a fact that I am Marcella on my Gowns. 

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How to Dress Up for Business Meetings?

So a lot of You have ask me quick tips on how to dress up on business meetings and other formal work events, where you can look chic, get effortless and business ready at the same time. So I am here to talk about it. 

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Maxi Love

Ever Beautiful and Classic Maxi Dresses!

When it comes to maxi dresses, if can safely be said that these are some of the most beautiful and comfortable dresses for women. These dresses have a classic style and aesthetic of their own that is really attractive to say the least. These dresses will never go out of vogue and this has been …

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