The Right Shade Of Red

The Right Shade Of Red

There is a red made for every woman, and a woman who knows her red, ain’t supposed to be messed with. If I were a color, I know I’d be red. I am a Ruby Woo on my lips, Merlot for my hair, crimson on my feet and I know for a fact that I am Marcella on my Gowns.

Dress: CurvesOnStyle
Location: Khama Ghani
Clutch: IGP

The people who know me closely know one thing about me, I love Adele. She is my lady crush, someone I look up to, I believe it was her who made me fall for fashion for the plus in the first place. it all started when I first saw her ever famous Albert Hall Concert on YouTube (“Set Fire to the Rain” is still my favorite).

The idea for this outfit started had seeded in the moment when I had watched Adele online in a concert where she was wearing this beautiful Marcella gown and was performing in front of thousands of fans. As I have mentioned earlier, Kritika (owner, CurvesOnStyle) and I have had long conversations before finalizing the outfits for me.
We discussed how I wanted a Marcella off-shoulder gown, with a free long flow skirt that’d make me wanna twirl. And it did make me wanna twirl, all the time, during the shoot, as you may see in the pictures. Now I didn’t want my skirt too fluffy, so we didn’t use a can-can here, but one may totally use it under the skirt, to add that princess fluff to the gown.
The best part about this outfit was that it was so light-weight I loved it. The outfit is fully lined and simply pretty. CurvesOnStyle paid particular attention to the color and fall of the skirt, something I wanted specifically right.
The place we chose here was a beautiful restaurant in Udaipur called Khama Ghani. This place is the perfect blend of hospitality and ambiance. And the food? Well, it was amazing!
It was a fun shoot, I had a great time. I felt so pretty in this dress, and I couldn’t help twirl most of the time. CurvesOnStyle was really helpful designing this outfit for me.
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How to Dress Up for Business Meetings?

How to Dress Up for Business Meetings?

Hello Divas!
How are my favourite ladies doing?
So a lot of You have ask me quick tips on how to dress up on business meetings and other formal work events, where you can look chic, get effortless and business ready at the same time. So I am here to talk about it.

I recently had to attend this event which was super formal. I was on a clock that day,  it was a very busy day and I wanted to look my best because there was a very important business meeting just after that and since I was running short on time, on occasions like these, I usually prefer to wear something I don’t have to put in a lot of effort mixing and matching. So a formal maxi dress was my first preference. I narrowed down to this gorgeous cotton gown I got designed from Samshek. Not only it was super comfortable it was chic light and very, very easy to carry. It was a hot day and that’s when the material that was cotton came in very handy. The design is very simple and that somehow made the entire look very polished and that’s what I loved about this business formal maxi dress.

Samshek gives you the freedom to actually tweak the basic design on the website as per your needs. So if you are someone like me who doesn’t like to wear stuff off the rack, this is actually a very good opportunity for you to tweak the basic design on the website, choose from the many, many things you can change in your outfit and make a whole new one. I was surprised to see how simple changes like sleeve length, length of the dress, shape of the neck and back etc can transfer the entire dress. You may check this blog post for a whole new look to this very design. Not just this, Samshek gives you the liberty to choose from their list of materials too. #Wow

I chose this design as such, with a minor increase in length. I loved the subtle grey, hence I kept the details as such in the website. The dress comes with a side zipper to give your curves a better shape  I take the dress with the Turquoise blazer I got from stalkbuylove started off very sophisticated touch to my entire outfit. The shoes I chose word basic Clark’s stilletos (Clifton Bridge) they have never failed me.


No talking about the meeting it went well it was a sunny day like I said but since I chose since I choose the right fabric to wear it helped me focus on my work endless on the discomfort of the day. Also I kept the jewellery minimal it was this Emerald set my father got from me from USA. The lipstick I am wearing is from Maybelline,  the eyeliner is NYX, the mascara is again Maybelline, the blush is from the Body Shop.

When you are dressed right, you develop a sense of confidence in you that adds to your work without you realising it. I read it somewhere “nobody really has confidence this is all a game of projecting it at the right time and at the right place”. A lot of people ask me how I keep up my confidence I believe I just answered your question. And of course I like to dress well.

Photography for this blog was done by Ravish Nagori. The editing was done by me.

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Ever Beautiful and Classic Maxi Dresses!


When it comes to maxi dresses, if can safely be said that these are some of the most beautiful and comfortable dresses for women. These dresses have a classic style and aesthetic of their own that is really attractive to say the least. These dresses will never go out of vogue and this has been seen time and again. When it comes to maxi dresses, what women essentially love are the engaging designs of the same. These dresses have always had a timeless appeal of their own and that is what keeps them ticking on the fashion charts till date.

But enough of the eulogy to maxi dresses (though well deserved). Let’s talk of how pivotal a role they play in making us look good at multiple occasions. If you ask any fashionista worth his/her salt, you’ll get the same answer, i.e. these dresses have a vibe and a charm that is somewhat ethereal and are perfect for summers. They can be worn both at night and during the daytime. They can be utilized in stylish and flattering ways for multiple occasions. From super formal events to parties and other occasions, these dresses are pretty versatile when it comes to wear ability for several occasions.


Gwen Maxi Dress

You may always wear these dresses for women at all those black tie affairs (they might seem a little less dreary in this case!) that you simply have to attend. Opt for a spectacular yet slinky dress and you can team it up with the choicest heels for added effect. You can actually rework your evening outfit for the daytime as well in case you wear flats and use a simple t-shirt in white underneath. Black is definitely the color to opt for in this scenario. You’ll definitely look like a stunner at all the black tie events that you attend.
You can also wear maxi dresses when you’ve just got off work and want that charming off duty look. You can simply pull on a leather jacket (advisable only in winters unless you want people thinking you’re from desert climes!) and trainers and you have the perfect outfit for casual outings after work. However, make sure that you get the right cross body bag and sunglasses in case there is still light on the horizon! Additionally, your dress should sit just a little below your ankle and nothing more. You can even wear these dresses on those exotic beach side vacations you take with your hubby/friends. You can wear floating and flowing dresses during the day at the beach and white is the go-to color for sure! You can opt for nice off-shoulder dresses for women in this regard along with ones that have tassel strap detailing.

pus size fashion for maxi dresses
In case your city does have a race course (not everyone is that lucky!), the maxi dress is a nice race day bet. Think of sauntering up to the pavilion like Her Majesty the Queen herself in a nice, billowing and elegant maxi dress. You can wear this dress with a full skirt and add a stylish pair of sunglasses to complete the look. While you’re at it, don’t forget your hat! You’ll also be surprised to know that you can wear maxi dresses to work if you are a little intelligent enough (we women anyway are!) since some tweaking is required. You can opt for shirt-like fabrics for the workplace that are crisp and layer your dress with a smart looking trouser. You can even team up the ensemble with a well structured jacket when it is a little colder. A block heel shoe completes the look to perfection.

sbl maxi dresses for curvydivachic
As we mentioned earlier, the maxi dress is perfect for summer (which is now!) and hence you should snap a couple up before it’s too late to actually enjoy the sheer comfort and elegance they bring to the table. Hot summer days should see you in floral printed dresses with comfy fabrics and low suede sandals. One of our colleagues recently mentioned that the only thing more comfortable than a maxi dress was a yoga-tee with shorts and we can’t help but agree! Visit StalkBuyLove, your one stop repository for the best women’s fashion and get hold of the best maxi dresses in varied styles, types and colors.
Here’s to creating that infectiously classy effect at all gatherings/vacations/outings this summer!

sbl helena maxi dress for cdc blog
Stalk.Buy.Love Maxi-Dresses love for CDC
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