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The Right Shade Of Red

There is a red made for every woman, and a woman who knows her red, shouldn’t be messed with. If I were a color, I know I’d be red. I am a Ruby Woo on my lips, Merlot for my hair, crimson on my feet and I know for a fact that I am Marcella on my Gowns. 

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The Wedding Bling- Keep It Minimal

They say the longest sentence you can form with two words is “I Do”. After all those festive lights and Diwali and new dresses, finally hails the much awaited season of the year, the season of exchanging vows, and I Do’s and the Saat Feras and crying and vidaayees and well, beautiful… beautiful bride… and …

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The Unapologetic Curvy Boho

The Unapologetic Curvy Boho She is like the wind through the trees… She is like the mellows in the meadows She is the light of your star… the moon of my path… She is the one I intend to be. She’s there when you thought light dawned… She stood by your side when life took …

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