How To Be Your Own Boss Lady!

How To Be Your Own Boss Lady!
I have been a huge fan of Sari, I believe this is one of the most beautiful piece of clothing ever made. But like everyone has their own set of insecurities, I had mine. I refrained myself from this beautiful piece of clothing for so long, and I had no idea why. It was until recently that I gave it a thought and decided to try my very first Sari on. I had no idea I would feel so comfortable, so feminine in this piece of clothing. I loved every bit of wearing it. I got this beautiful Sari from Craftsvilla, and as you can see in the pictures, I enjoyed every bit of it.
Fashion is not about what others are doing, fashion is about what you want to do, and doing it! It’s an extension of who you are, where you see yourself. Being your own boss lady is the biggest motivation I can think of, on a beautiful, breezy Friday like today.
Now, how to be your own boss lady? Women like Anna Wintour, Meryl Streep, Adele were not made in a day. It took practice, courage and perseverance. Above all, it took a LOT OF failures to finally be who they are. As Rumi says, “break your heart till it finally opens up”.
The question is not just to be or not to be, the question is about being who you are, and projecting it to the world. but the first step is to know who you you are is the first place. So, who exactly are you? What make you, You? What is it that calls you? What do you dream about?
One of the ways to find out is to understand your instincts. What are your subconscious choices, what exactly calls you?
It’s not about the kind of people you are with, it’s about the kind of people you wish to surround yourself with. That is your true calling. You have been strong enough all your life to become who you are. The journey you have taken so far has made you, well, you. Then why shy away from now with who you can be? That dress you always wanted to pick? What stops you from picking it up now? What is stopping you from trying it on?
You know you want to were it. You know you want to try it on. You know that for once you want to feel how you’d look in it. Fashion opens up a whole new realm of your becoming. You wanna know how to be your own boss lady? Well, dress the part and feel for yourself. Imagine what and how you’d look like when you become when you become it. Feel the quality you wish to see in your clothing. Let the comfort seduce your mind so that you come up with ideas to reach that goal. Be what you wish to be.
Sari: Craftsvilla
Photography: Hardik Jain and Akshay Jain
Venue: Rasa
Until Next Time,
A.L. 🙂

Comfort Food ft. Santa’s Elf

Comfort Food ft. Santa’s Elf

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Merry Christmas Udaipur! For those searching for their haven of Comfort Food, there’s a new haven in Udaipur, and I couldn’t wait to share it with you. Giddy up! We have Marky Momos is in town! Finally a place to comfort those comfort food cravings. I am going to share a couple of reasons why I am in love with Marky Momos.



Food: My Favoite Picks


  • Momos: Being a food connoisseur, finding a decent place in Udaipur that actually serves dim-sums in the authentic Bamboo Dim-Sum Steamers, just the way they should be served, is a real struggle. Finally, we have Marky Momos. But this is not This is not it. They have more than 40 varieties of momos to choose from. My personal favourite are Afghani Momos and Tandoori Chicken Momos. #Yum

    They also have something interesting called Momo Burgers, which consists of fried momos in buns, with a tasteful combination of sauces. My brother loved it.



  • Prawns: All the seafood lovers in Udaipur know the struggle of finding prawns on the menu. Marky Momos has some mouth watering prawn preparations to choose from. My personal favorite is Honey Garlic Prawns . #MamaMia



  • Noodles: I am “Hands Down!” a disciple of their Hakka Noodles. The noodles are perfectly cooked, the salt and pepper ratio is perfectly balanced (this is very important for me while choosing my noodle, and I am quite particular about it). #Meow



Take Away and Home Delivery


Yes! Marky Momos delivers to your house! And they have their own app as well! They are amongst a very restaurants which delivers to the far-fetched areas like Badi, Balicha etc. They also have started a “late night service”, under which they cater to your late night cravings between 12:00 a.m and 2:00 a.m. The food packaging is proper, which is a novelty in Udaipur for budget-friendly restaurants. They have branded their packaging containers. I am particularly a fan of their Dimsum Packaging (it is properly sealed and microwave friendly).



Multi Cuisine Menu


Do not get confused by their name. Marky Momos might just be the name, but they serve a lot more than just Momos. They have a well established menus that covers cuisines of the likes of Chinese, Italian and Indianised tastes. There indeed is something for everybody.



Image Credits for all the pictures above go to Marky Momos.




    • Marky Momos have some exciting offers on their Web App, so download their app and save some extra bucks.
    • Also, Check out their Zomato Page for some cool offers. Do not forget to share your reviews and ratings on Zomato. You may also check my reviews about Marky Momos on their page.
    • They have an exciting offer for their dine-in guests as well. Happy hours are from 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.! Get Buy One Get One Free on momos, and flat 30% on the rest of the menu.  


So people! As Santa’s elf, I believe this is the best present I could leave under your Christmas Trees. Jingle Bell Rocks and Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas Everyone!!! 🙂


Until Next Time,




A.L. 🙂



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