You Don't Need A Valentine, You Need Valentino!

You Don’t Need A Valentine, You Need Valentino!

They say Valentine’s day is a symbol of love, care, passion and many more of the people, towards themselves, towards each other. Well, it’s not only about people in love with each other, it’s about love! And as we know, love has no definition. Love is what is between two people.To a child, love might be the smile on his/her mother’s face. Love is when a friend takes care of you. Love is anywhere and everywhere! Love is also pampering yourself for being so awesome!
There is no rule to this day, that it HAS to be with a partner. Valentine’s day is supposed to be celebrated with the person you love and care about. Someone you hold a special space in your life.
Every year, I celebrate Valentine’s day with my parents, my siblings, and above all, I celebrate this day with me. I make sure things are great between me and myself. For others to love you, you need to learn about yourself. What makes you lovable? What makes you adorable?
I dedicate this Valentine to all the singles.
This Valentine’s day, fall in love with yourself. Be with you. Spend time with yourself. YOU are important. Have fun.. Go for a manicure/pedicure. Pamper yourself with a look makeover. A haircut might be the quickest way to do that. You don’t need a big fat budget to look pretty… Just put on your best smile, the one which is on your face right now while reading this. Yes, right this one, for this is your most beautiful look, natural and elegant. 🙂
To start with, treat yourself with a beauty bath. Spoil yourself with charismatic perfumes. Wear a new dress. (Red and black will never let you down). Wear that red lipstick you were saving for special occasions.  Wear your best shoes. Look your best. Buy a tiara and feel like a princess… For you are the heroine of your life!
Buy yourself flowers. Go out with your friends, or take yourself out on a date! This might sound silly, but this will be an amazing experience. Feel special, for this is YOUR day!
Once again, Happy Valentine’s day my ladies! And especially to my precious singles out there, just remember…  You don’t need a Valentine, You need a Valentino!
AL 🙂
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